Years ago, Ben had a vision. Giant monsters were using post-production to conquer the world, smashing skyscrapers with keyboards and museums with mice, and editing the established order into oblivion. Or maybe he was sitting in his home office in mid-2016 needing a name and thought of his deep love for old kaiju films. Either way, he roped in Destiny and in 2023 you're stuck in a world where Kaiju Post exists.

Ben has worked in the film industry since 2007. He's been editing professionally for the last 17 years, and color grading for the last 12. In addition, Ben is a proficient writer, director, camera operator, and location sound mixer.  He also knows his machines in and out and builds most of his own workstations. He has two certifications from the International Colorist Academy as well as a degree in Film Studies from the U of U. He's also seen every James Bond movie, read all 26 Dune novels, and loves to play the E minor chord, heavily distorted, on his Stratocaster. 

Destiny worked her way up from Craft Services to Producer in 7 years and has experience in television, film, and commercials/industrials. In her other life, she owned and operated a business for 10 years and knows how to bring out the best in her team. She's bubbly and dedicated, funny (looking, lol) and resourceful, reliable and relentlessly positive, and always ready to help.