If you need someone to own a post-production project from start to finish, you can rely on Kaiju Post! We can scale up and bring in our extended network of talented editors, VFX artists, voiceover talent, audio mixers, and deliver on time!

Color Grading

With over 10 years of experience, two International Colorist Academy certifications, a Blackmagic Mini grading panel, a Flanders reference monitor, and powerful custom-built PCs, we can make any footage you bring us look its best.  


Remember when the Premiere splash screen was a horse? Ben does, and that's when he started using it! See what our unique blend of storytelling, skill, speed, and service can do for your project!

Project Management

Post-production is complicated and the larger the job, the more effort it takes to keep everyone on-task and on the same page. Having a project manager can be the difference between hitting your deadline and your client's account manager accusing you of personally ruining their career.


While we specialize in post, we also have A LOT of shooting experience. Like, decades worth. Need crew? Plug us in. Want us to come with a phone and shoot a social spot? We can do that (but we'll bring a few things to spruce it up). Want a full on production with feature film level equipment and crew? We can do that too, and we have the connections and experience to make it work at any level.

Full-Service Creative

Our particular brand of nonsense might not be for everyone, but if you think our brand and your brand would gel, let's talk! We can take a project from concept to delivery if you're down with our whole deal.